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your health is our daily concern! At our naturopathic clinics at three different locations  in the north, center and south of Germany we have achieved a specialized combination treatment through years of insight working with numerous patients – the SanaZon Therapy. This therapy involves a synergy between ozone, isopathy, spagyric and homeopathic pharmaceuticals.

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Becoming healthy.
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The combination is utilized for differing symptoms and illnesses. Since 2005, SanaZon Therapy has been a registered trademark.

Over the past years we have worked actively daily with patients and in the process have trained additional natural health practitioners that are certified to use SanaZon Therapy. In Gifhorn the following licensed natural health practitioners are at your service: Susanne Apelt, Antje Hellmann, and Elke Redlich; in Travemuende, Vera A. Kafka and Chrstine Engelbardt; and in Bad Griesbach, Silvia Kalin and Anette Pettau.

Are you are interested in SanaZon Therapy, have any questions, or would like to make an appointment? Then please give us a call or fill out the contact form today!


Sabine Linek, Natural Health Practitioner

Gifhorn, January 2018

Sabine Linek (born in 1959) studied economics in Brunswick before she became trained in naturopathy in Wolfenbuettel. She received her naturopathic license in Stralsund where she also took her exam. She has practiced for over 20 years and commutes between 3 clinics in Gifhorn, Travemuende, and Bad Griesbach.

All 3 locations are DIN ISO:2008 certified.

Contact and office hours

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Naturheilpraxis Gifhorn

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 11
D-38518 Gifhorn

Tel. +49 (0)5371 – 1 88 30

Naturheilpraxis Travemünde

Am Kurgarten 2
D-23570 Lübeck-Travemünde

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Naturheilpraxis Bad Griesbach

Passauer Str. 39a
D-94086 Bad Griesbach

Tel. +49 (0)8532 – 92 733 15‬