Sabine Linek Naturheilpraxen

Stay Healthy. Become healthy.
SanaZon Therapy according to Sabine Linek

Our body is a highly developed and sensitive system that only functions when all elements are in harmony. An unhealthy person can only become well again, when all organs are sufficiently supplied with healthy blood. Healthy blood is highly fluid vital substance that transports nutrients to all parts of the body to set the healing process into motion.

Synergy between ozone, isopathy, spagyric and homeopathic pharmaceuticals

At our naturopathic practice, we have developed a specialized combination treatment through years of insight working with numerous patients- SanaZon Therapy. This therapy involves a synergy between ozone, isopathy, spagyric and homeopathic pharmaceuticals. Since 2005, SanaZon Therapy is a registered trademark. In recent years, SanaZon Therapy has become so well-known that patients all across Germany, Europe, and even the whole world travel to our clinics for treatment.

Medical History and Treatment

The base of each treatment is a thorough medical history. Each check-up is supported by extensive patient information. From the fingertip of the patient, a drop of blood is taken, which we exam under a 1,000-10,000-power microscope and examine it together. After the diagnosis, an individualized treatment is developed together with the patient, which contains elements of ozone, isopathy, spagyrics and homeopathy.
In comparison: affected blood Below: healthy blood
Of course, each patient and the beginning and end of the treatment will receive a photograph of his or her blood to make it clear changes that have occurred over the course of treatment